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About Christi

Christi Bowen and Bobbi Maxwell have joined forces as Left/Right Political Voiceover, proving that both sides can work together for a common cause - providing great voiceover for political advertising.  Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Progressive or anything in between...we voice it all.  

About Christi:  Christi is an Award winning female voice actor with a passion for political voice over.  Her warm and compassionate voice resonates with voters.  But she can also be feisty and passionate when needed.  Christi voices for Democrat and Progressive causes and issues.  Her clients include DCCC, The Lincoln Project, Amy McGrath, SEIU 1199, Meidas Touch, New Mexico PRC, Jim Costa, The Nature Conservancy and many more.  Christi is a member of Campaigns & Elections and The AAPC. 

Christi has won 2 Voice Arts Awards, a w3 Award, 2 Pollies and 2 Political Pixie Awards for her political voiceover work.  She's also been a Reed Award Finalist 3 times. If you're ready to have a voice you can trust to make your projects shine, contact Christi Bowen today at  

About Bobbi

Christi and Bobbi will make your digital ad, radio or TV commercial, Robo call or candidate fundraising campaigns sound like a winner - just like your candidate!  Trust us to provide fantastic customer service, fast turnaround, constant availability and top quality audio.  Christi and Bobbi have broadcast ready studios with Source Connect/Zoom/Teams to connect for directed sessions.  And we're fun to work with.  Contact us to discuss your next project.


About Bobbi:  Bobbi is a veteran voice actor who considers political voice over one of her favorite genres to work in. Her political clients continue to come back to her for their projects citing her versatility, availability, and very quick turnaround. Narrating for Republican and conservative candidates and causes, she is adept at many styles. From honest and serious to tough and cutting to caring and concerned, she will win your audiences attention and get them motivated and inspired at the polls. Bobbi's clients include Ron DeSantis, Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Clemons, Byron Donalds, N. Carolina Republican House Caucus, Common Sense Wisconsin, State Financial Officers Foundation and many others. 

Bobbi has won 2 Voice Arts Awards and is a Reed Awards Finalist. Make your message believable by contacting and working with Bobbi at


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